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Picture placement compatibility test

@Ewan Thanks for the quick reply and the screenshot as proof.

Now I know one more thing: Mastodon starts with the last picture and stops after four pictures.
@Jupiter Rowland On friendica I’m not seeing any images at all.
@Sarah Brown Now that's strange. Maybe you've discovered another incompatibility where none should be.

I'm wondering what could be the issue. Friendica should receive Hubzilla posts through ActivityPub, not in their original BBcode form. I've checked the rights as well, they ought to have been okay. @Sarah Brown @Anders Rytter Hansen Well, at least we don't have to worry (much) about Akkoma.
FWIW it works just fine in streams. The only difference between streams and hubzilla in this regard is that streams uses multicode - so you can write your posts using any combination of html, markdown, and/or bbcode.
Oh, and streams does not hide text content just because there's a summary. It hides images only if the "sensitive" flag is set and the local session has "safe mode" turned on (which is the default). Mastodon sets "sensitive" for their so-called "CW" posts, but it appears Hubzilla does not.
From Mastodon
file:///home/ebers/Downloads/Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 09-05-30 Mastodon.png
Restricted access? I can't see the picture.