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See now that I myself am he!
There is no god besides me.
I put to death and I bring to life,
I have wounded and I will heal,
and no one can deliver out of my hand.

Deuteronomy 32:39

#bible #spirituality @spirituality group

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Is it possible to clean up old remote posts from the database, which haven't been interacted with by anyone on my instance?

@Friendica Support

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The posts aren't using that much space. Please have got a look at your database to see which tables are the biggest ones.

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Hi Michael.
Here is a screenshot of the tables in the db.

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When you come back from vacation
@Programmer Humor
(format t “Hello ~a” 'World). If I’m on vacation and come back to the land of C based languages I will have reverted to the only syntax I enjoy working in.
lda #0 ; Load accumulator with character code for NULL
sta $0400 ; Store it in the screen memory to clear the screen
ldx #0 ; Initialize X register to 0
loop lda message,x ; Load the next character from the message
beq done ; If the character is NULL (end of string), we are done
sta $0400,x ; Store the character in the screen memory
inx ; Increment X register
bne loop ; Branch back to the loop
done rts ; Return from subroutine
message .text "Hello World!",0 ; Null-terminated string
void HelloWorld(void (* func)(const char*)) {
    func("Hello world!");

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Entered a lucid dream from a non-lucid dream

Had an interesting lucid dream tonight.
I dreamt (normal dream) that I got help from someone who could help me lucid dream. I fell asleep in this person's presence (in the dream) and entered a new dream. When I entered the new dream I was lucid. When the lucid dream ended I woke back up in the previous dream and was again non-lucid.

Another interesting thing was that when I lucid dreamt I was levitating but lost control over it and was about to get hurt. My subconscious mind changed the dream so I didn't get hurt.

Thank you dear subconscious mind ❤️

#lucid #dream #dreaming #dreams

@Lucid Dreaming Community

I would be careful When I was young my teacher taught her students (including me) this among many other things. I understand what you are talking about. i do not open those doors. It is good to know you!
Romans 8 (all of it)

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@Study Group
I don't quite understand what you mean.
What do you mean you would be careful with?

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Spontaneous astral projection

This night I had an interesting experience.
I have never astral projected before, only lucid dreaming but I am very interested in the topic and wanna try to project some time.

But tonight something interesting happened. I woke up in the night and was half awake and quickly slipped back into sleep. When I was about to sleep I felt myself float out of my body. I remember myself floating around above my couch (where I was sleeping) and when I realized (hey I'm floating around outside my body!) I felt I was pulled back towards my physical body and woke up in sleep paralysis.

The experience isn't very clear in my memory - kinda blurry like a dream. And also my living room was dark with only some things being visible even though the lights were turned on in the physical.
However I don't think it was a dream because normally in dreams, the mind fills in stuff such as differences and other people and here was none of that.

#astral #projection #astralprojection #spirituality @Astral Projection

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I know exactly what you mean... 🤣
@Kato Tino
Haha exactly. It's funny because when I looked at my hands I saw 3 hands and one of them moving when I tried to move. Maybe I was seeing a mix of the astral and the physical.

The answer is usually that I've pushed to the dev environment but I'm looking at staging.
Going back to the most famous code comment in Unix history You are not expected to understand this.
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The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

John 1:14

#bible #BibleVerse
@Law Of Assumption by Neville Goddard

3 years lockdown

!North Korea

Does anyone have an idea what happens in North Korea these days? Mainstream media says that people there are having a hard time because the country has been under covid lockdown for over 3 years now and that Kim warns another famine like in the 90's.
But I would like to watch some alternative sources if there are any as mainstream media isn't so trustworthy when it comes to stories about north korea.

Why does the government keep the borders closed?

But you HAVE to have 4 tabs for the next line, though.

Switched to #KDE #Plasma from #Gnome a few days ago.

The experience is better so far.

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I see. I'm sorry to hear there isn't anything for you these days and yeah Mate is probably not the same as gnome was. I haven't tried it though.

So what OS do you use then?


I am using Debian with XFCE4 for a while now, and it is okay. It's not very personalised, my desktop never has been, I use a lot of consoles (xterm).

Don't worry about me, I'm using everything from gnome to kde, on the application level. Just the window managing environment is low profile. :-)

Que tal es Terminator?
Yo la verdad que estoy encantado y seguro que no le estoy sacando todo el partido que podría. Poder dividir la terminal horizontal y verticalmente es muy práctico, además da muchas opciones de personalización.

Can't send photos on #Facebook #Messenger


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RustDesk (Open source TeamViewer / Citrix alternative) 1.2.0 released

Rewritten with Flutter
Support ipv6 (beta)
Strengthed password
Quick support feature
Hardware codecs H264 / H265 (beta)
AV1 codec
International keyboard (Map mode and translate mode)
Wayland support (beta, known issues #4276 (comment))
Privacy mode (beta, Windows only)
Headless Linux
Virtual display (Windows)
Resolution adjustment
Dark theme
A lot of improvements (#918) /

Amen 🙏

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Hide block list from the public

!Friendica Support

Hi. I can see that the servers I block is viewed publicly on this page:

Is it possible to make this list secret, so the public can't see which servers I have blocked?

Thank you.

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@Anders Rytter Hansen The PR has been merged, this feature will be released in the 2023.09 version, you can already use it if you switch to the develop branch.
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@Hypolite Petovan @Anders Rytter Hansen
So awesome!! I've also had the wish to hide it, but for some reason I didn't ask. Very cool!! :-)

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@Anders Rytter Hansen For an example, on my instance, registration is closed yet still I'm okay with that my blocklist is publicly viewable. I was using this information here and was confused that it wasn't suddenly not readable anymore by my script. I would suggest here a little switch in configuration file that allows the list being shown no matter if registration is closed or opened instead. That gives everyone the freedom to choose and not it is being linked to some conditions they might not like/wish. Still you can then hide it on your instance.

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@Anders Rytter Hansen And since default is power, we should remain with the default (visible) so other people are not getting confused here, too.

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@Anders Rytter Hansen I would like to add a configuration key blocklist.published here and I'm already preparing a PR.

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@Anders Rytter Hansen Mr. Petovan is now against the true (default) value. I say, default is power. Default was (see commit id f20caf4c3a33025c7cfe799482697386bd9d4b8f ) that it has been shown, no matter what condition was given. The discussion here was done to quickly and most administrators didn't notice this. Or did they at !Friendica Admins ? (Yes, it won't be forwarded there). So practical seen he has done the change by his own, without any debate.

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@Anders Rytter Hansen Plus my comments are not appearing there. So he cannot read my comments here. I tried to unblock him here, but still no new comments made it through to him. That says, my instance or account is blocked there. :-( Very sad and annoying tendency.
Wrong comment, it is appearing now. Comment isn't being deleted?
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@Anders Rytter Hansen Correction: Now, my comments are coming through. :-/ That's odd!

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so the default is "false" in the dev version now?

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@Anders Rytter Hansen I don't know. You shouldn't change default behavior because that is what is know to people. Introducing a new setting with no side effects and then everyone can change that setting to their liking is what I would prefer.

Looking forward for when #Meta will add #ActivityPub support to #Instagram #Threads

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✨ Better onboarding

Pretty soon you'll be able to sign up with your Mastodon account, or use it to sign in on @pixelfed

Calckey and other platforms will launch later!

Account login screen with "Sign-in with Mastodon" button

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