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Friendica timelines are compelling

@Ada #Epcyon claims to have this, I'll prolly be finding out in the next month or so. I think #akkoma might too, that or #calkey
Calckey doesn't. Calckey has a beautiful interface and threading, but it's not post/reply centred in the same way Friendica is.
@Ada @Ada Gotcha. With all the forks there are, it's hard to keep track of what they add, and then there's all the little pieces like #Epcyon and #micropub

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Just something as simple as the little Link to source button(?) on each post that Friendica has would be quite welcome in any of the other interfaces. But maybe one that links to the full thread or at least shows the original post.
@eshep What I really crave is for it all to be available without having to click on anything, without relying on the back button or popups.

I mean, those features would be nice too, but I don't think they'd reshape the timeline browsing experience in quite the same way
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indeed. i moved from mastodon to friendica partly because of the timeline.

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@defcon42/Mirko I think you might be misinterpreting the goals in posts like this.

I came to the Fediverse on Mastodon. I'm an admin on a Calckey, Friendica and Lemmy instance and maintain accounts on them all. I still have my original Mastodon account too, though I don't use it much anymore.

The reason I make posts like this is because it's the diversity that excites, it's the fediverse that excites me. It's the fact that it's open and expanding and people can find whatever experience they're looking for.

I want people to share my excitement about the future of the Fediverse, whether they're on Mastodon or another platform!
Nope! It's a generalist instance
@Natasha Jay Longer piece, hm...

If you can live without comments, you may take a look at #WriteFreely. Or if you can live with on-and-off developer activity and the recurring feeling that the project will be abandoned, try #Plume which does have comments and a built-in image hoster for your convenience. Both use Markdown, by the way.

Essentially, anything that's labelled something with *blogging and that isn't Mastodon can do longer pieces. #Hubzilla even has an "articles" app just for that which comes with the side-effect that mobile Mastodon apps will always open links to articles in a Web browser and show them like they're supposed to look. But you always have some distraction around the text whereas WriteFreely and Plume are at least as plain and clean as Medium.
@jupiter_rowland Thanks, I had #WriteFreely on my list to look at for this ... will look at the other options too 👍

Even Calckey seems to have a hundred additional options vs Mastodon and it's taken me 5 months to uncover in Mastodon I can follow a group of hashtags in a column eg (Cats + Caturday+ CatsofMastodon), but only if I use the Advanced Web Interface ...

I mean there's a LOT to unpack "here" in the :fediverse: as it's totally (totally) not a Twitter replacement despite the MSM calling it such, which is just plain wrong
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Usually because you follow the author... and now it is also possible to follow hashtags.


Yes, this is where Friendica truly shines. I actually had a screenshot of exactly how it looks like in Friendica if one of my contacts re-shares/re-toots one post. In the attached screenshot that action is by the green arrow (far down). Friendica then pulls in the thread of posts that belong together, and show them as a clustered thread in the regular flow (note that my setting for that is ”Latest Activity”, so one can chose a different view if one were to prefer that).

@ada @fediverse
Screenshot of thread as presented in the ”main feed” of the view, without having to ”click in” to see the entire thread.
@Ada I agree. Tried #Firefrecently and liked their approach too.