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Testing mlem comments

GuyDudeman doesn't like this.

It's a Lemmy client for iOS. It's in TestFlight/Beta right now. I'd call it more of an alpha at this stage, but it's getting there. The developer is adding stuff every day. It has a lot of potential.

One interesting thing about the Lemmy/federated ecosystem that I will have to get my head around is that every comment I make is copied to who knows how many other sites, some of which I may not even be able to make an account for (like Frendica, apparently)... so I don't know how controlling one's comments and posts and privacy works. Like, if there was a way to just post to one instance only, that would be what I would like to do sometimes. You know? I don't necessarily want my comments and information popping up on some nefarious instance or whatever, and getting caught up in something that I never had anything to do with, or whatever, you know? It's just kind of... unsettling at the moment. Until I get a better handle on that, I'm going to be REAL careful what I share on this platform.

I see. I don't know how this works on Lemmy (yeah I'm using Friendica on my own instance), but I know that Mastodon has a feature where you can choose privacy settings. This is also possible via Friendica, but the per-post setting is not available via the web interface but only available via the Mastodon API so that means using a Mastodon client such as Fedilab. If you choose a post/comment to be private, it will only be sent to the people who are part of the thread/people you tag in it.
Oh interesting. It's definitely going to be interesting over the next few years to see how all of this shakes out.
Indeed. And a correction to what I said earlier. Friendica has a permission tab for new posts.
Oh that's interesting. I wish I could join Friendica but it doesn't seem like there's a way to sign up. is open for signups.
Thanks! I signed up. Not sure of my way around just yet, and the server is loading super slow, but I'll get it. Appreciate you!

The UI of Friendica is not so user-friendly, unfortunately. But it has a lots of features! That's why I like it. I'm a developer type of person so bad UI doesn't hurt my eyes as much as for some people 😄

And yeah. Friendica can be slow, unfortunately. It's developed in PHP which is a slow language/framework. Which also means that one Friendica instance likely can't handle as many users with the same resources as the other systems such as Mastodon, Calckey etc.

A bonus with Friendica: you can interact with people on Diaspora, which isn't possible from Mastodon or the others :)

You're welcome!