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I love that I'm seeing more and more posts to Lemmy from Mastodon.
This one feature finally ties Lemmy in with the rest of the fediverse by providing the lacking feature: making top level posts. Lemmy (along with friendica!) will lead the way in making "groups" and forums in the fediverse, accessible from any platform you choose.
It will be perfect, once they fix the HTML formatting in the subject :)
The formatting works perfect my instance, v0.17.2. Do you still need to upgrade?
Looks like we do :)
When you write from Friendica (or another social network) to post on Lemmy, you must respect some basic rules.

Here I tried to write a handbook (in Italian) to help users write posts that have a readable title and work well

Furthermore, as regards the titles, you must take into account that Lemmy only interprets up to 200 characters; when exceeding 200 characters, the title is truncated.
To count the characters, however, you have to consider the BBCode characters of the source text, which are converted into Markdown in Lemmy.
So you have to be careful that "marked" text strings don't end up at the 200th character!
Here are some additional notes:

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Not quite what I meant. I don't use Mastodon. I was referring to the fact that some posts from Mastodon users are showing up on my lemmy instance with mark-up displayed in the subject line.

But that's because I haven't updated my lemmy instance to the latest version :)
This has been fixed already, otherwise you would see HTML in the title of this post as well.
Yep! I was still seeing it on my instance because I haven't updated yet
@Ada @nutomic and you will see them forever... :-(
Unfortunately, messages interpreted incorrectly with the rel. 0.17.1 remain crystallized as they were interpreted the first time...
But this is not a problem, because you have to look towards the future! ;-)
That doesn't bother me :)

I'll look at getting our upgrade done this weekend though and get to that future you mentioned :)
And, instance upgraded!
indeed! great to see Lemmy improving its compatibility

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Lemmy has to make workarounds, because mastodon does not support subjects...

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Would be great to see subject lines supported in Mastodon. Anything that helps intercompatibiity is a win-win

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@JackFromWisconsin @Jakob :lemmy: I think, on the contrary, that's right: Mastodon is a microblogging software and there's no need for Mastodon to support a complete display of "subject + text" messages.

There are few projects that support these messages (Friendica, Hubzilla and bloggers like writefreely and plume) but they are more than enough 😅
@Jakob :lemmy:
Well good point 😂 the problem is that it's very few platforms which are supporting subjects , not only Mastodon who doesn't. You will also have problems from Misskey and Pleroma for example.
@Jakob :lemmy:

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It uses it as attachment...

And yes... i would prefer, if mastodon could handle subjects...